Las Terrenas things to do

Las Terrenas is the place to be for holiday travellers who just want to get away from the popular tourist hotspots but still want to enjoy everything beautiful and pleasurable that the Dominican Republic has to offer. This is what makes Las Terrenas a nice place to rent a house. There are no large resorts here but small boutiques, hotels, rental villas, shops, bars and restaurants. There are a lot of things to do in Las Terrenas.

A special place, the “Pueblo de Pescadores”, with it’s small, nestling on the beach, restaurants and bars. A great place to go out. For decades now, Europeans have relocated here due to its pleasant climate, surroundings and quality life. Because of this Las Terrenas has become a refreshing melting pot of Dominican and European culture.

In the mood for an active holiday in Las Terrenas? What you think about horseback riding, scuba diving or walking along the old trails? The staff of VillaNoria can help you on the way. Visit our services and arrangements page for more information. Check out the Las Terrenas things to do here.


Activities in Las Terrenas

There are many things to do and Las Terrenas and the Dominican Republic are more than beach only. For the sun seeker as well as the active traveller there is much to do and to experience. Travel around in the area and you will find enough to make your holiday a special one. We can help you to some suggestions.


Beaches Las Terrenas

The Dominican Republic and the Samana peninsular are famous for their white, unspoiled beaches. Las Terrenas beaches are a good representative. Away from the crowd and nice for relaxing or walking. For sure it is fore a reason that “Playa Bonita” is located here in Las Terrenas.


Las Terrenas town

Before the town of Las Terrenas was a remote town nestled between to mountain ridge of Samana and the white beaches and difficult to reach. Nowadays a a lively town where many foreigners have settled. Las Terrenas is a modern melting pot of Caribbean and western cultures with nice bars and restaurants.


Surroundings / Nature

This country is way too beautiful for not being travelled. More and more travellers discover the Dominican Republic as a round trip destination. The Dominican culture and nature are rich and colorful and the Samana peninsula represents a large part of this wealth.


Restaurants in Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas is not only a place for activities and beaches but also a great place to go out. There are many restaurants in Las Terrenas, from Creole to French, from tapas to hamburgers and everything in between. Go out in town and have a good time.